.co vs .com – Which One Should You Use?

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The .com domain is more reputable than .co, but it can be harder to find a .com domain name that’s available for the preferred name. As the .com is more popular and reliable, it should be your first choice when looking for a web address. Only consider a .co if the .com your preferred name is unavailable.

Choosing a domain name for your website offers numerous options. .co and .com are among the most popular domain extensions, but what sets them apart?

These extensions offer unique benefits and drawbacks. I’ll discuss the differences between .com and .co domain extensions to help you decide which suits you best!

A Short Introduction to .com Domain Extension

.com is the original and most popular domain extension. It stands for “commercial” and suits businesses of all sizes. Easy to remember and linked with trust, it’s a reliable choice.

First introduced in 1985, the .com domain extension remains the most popular today, with over 100 million registrations. As the oldest domain extension, it holds a significant place in Internet history.

Initially, the .com domain was for commercial organizations. As its popularity and trust grew, it became open for general use. Now, anyone can register a .com domain.

The .com domains are the internet’s most successful and are the top choice for most businesses. They give your website a professional look and are the most recognized extension globally. Moreover, people typically trust .com websites more than any other extension.

A Short Introduction to .co Domain Extension

The .co domain extension is gaining popularity fast. Originally for businesses and organizations in Colombia, now anyone globally can register a .co domain.

The .co domain, initially used by the University of the Andes in Bogot√°, Colombia in 1991, is now managed by the Colombian company Neustar. Many startups and small businesses prefer the .co extension because it’s shorter and easier to remember.

This extension is a great option for businesses and individuals seeking an alternative to .com when it’s unavailable. It’s short, easy to remember, but can be expensive.

Difference Between .co and .Com Domain Extensions

Now that you know a bit about each domain extension, let’s look at their main differences.


Over 100 million .com domains are registered. The chances are high that the domain name you want is already taken with a .com extension.

On the other hand, .co domains are much more available. With only about 1.6 million .co domains registered, it’s a great choice if your desired .com domain isn’t available.


Both domain extensions have ICANN backing and offer equal reliability.


The .com domain is more popular than the .co domain because it’s one of the oldest TLDs, with most popular websites using the .com extension.

On the other hand, .co is gaining popularity among startups and businesses, often as an alternative to the .com domain.


The cost of a .co domain name is usually higher than a .com. While .co domains often come at a discounted initial price, their renewal fees are typically higher.

SEO Benefits

Domain name extensions don’t directly affect your SEO, but .com domains have a slight edge. They’re more common, and many people instinctively assume websites use .com extensions.

Don’t worry. You can still rank high in search engines with a .co domain name. Search engines typically don’t prioritize .com domains over others.