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Kinsta offers fast and reliable hosting, exceptional support, and a very user-friendly dashboard with easy staging. Bigscoots is a very popular and affordable host with great support for high-traffic wordpress websites. Their pricing is cheaper than many competitors. While their hosting performs very well, they don't have the highest speed compared to top-end hosting providers, but it comes at a much lower price than most.

Both Kinsta and Bigscoots are honestly great hosts with excellent support. Bigscoots is significantly cheaper for higher traffic websites, but Kinsta has higher performance, and over the past year, the uptime of Kinsta seems to be far higher than Bigscoots. If reliability and performance is top priority for you then go with Kinsta, if you're looking for something cheaper then Bigscoots is still a good option.

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Kinsta vs Bigscoots WordPress Hosting Compared (2024)


Verdict - At a Glance

Kinsta is definitely not the most affordable host out there but their pricing scales pretty well based on your website growth. Kinsta uses Cloudflare Enterprise as their CDN. Kinsta supports multisite very well. They are also one of the only Wordpress hosts that will configure GEO-IP rules and caching for your site, which can be great when you need to create complex and localized websites using server-side geo-location.

Bigscoots' pricing is extremely attractive for high traffic websites. Their managed hosting plans also scale very nicely. They are known for very friendly and helpful support. They don't perform at the very highest level in comparison to the top-end managed wordpress hosting providers, but sites on Bigscoots usually load quite fast and their service comes at a far cheaper price than most. I know plenty of happy users of Bigscoots that own high traffic websites hosted with them.

Monthly Pricing Based on Number of Visitors

We always try to quote the monthly fee for each host not including discounts that might apply if you pay yearly. Kinsta plan pricing is easy to follow and renews at the same rate. Bigscoots plan pricing renews at the same rate.

Prices listed below is the price of our recommended PLAN based on number of visitors for Kinsta and Bigscoots. Any time we have included figures in brackets accounts for overages. Sometimes it's cheaper to use a lower plan with overage fees if your host includes this in their pricing structure, but the performance of the lower plan might not be as strong.

Cost for 1,000 visits per month
Cost for 10,000 visits per month
Cost for 100,000 visits per month
($35 + 75 visitors at $1 per 1k visitors)
Cost for 200,000 visits per month
($35 + 175 visitors at $1 per 1k visitors)
Cost for 400,000 visits per month
Cost for 1,000,000 visits per month
Overage Fees PER 1000 visitors (extra fees beyond your current plan)
$ 1
See Website
Overage fees explained
Set fee per 1000 visitors
Overages not enforced, visits are estimates, they may suggest you upgrade to a higher plan if needed. As per the website, 90% of their customer exceed the estimated monthly traffic without needing to upgrade.

Monthly Pricing Based on Number of Websites

The pricing below shows the closest PLAN based on the amount of websites at both Kinsta and Bigscoots. These plans will also include an allowance of disk space and visitors. Some hosting companies allow additional wordpress installs for an additional fee. This can sometimes work out as more affordable than using a higher plan, if it works out as more affordable then we will list these in brackets below

Remember, hosts often include discounts when you pay on a longer basis such as yearly or over multiple years, so make sure to check these offers out if applicable.

Cost for 1 website
Cost for 2 websites
($34.95 + 1 websites at $9.95)
Cost for 5 websites
($34.95 + 4 websites at $9.95)
Cost for 10 websites
Cost for 20 websites
($34.95 + 19 websites at $9.95)
Cost for 100 websites
See Website
Cost for extra wordpress installs (if allowed)
Not Available Outside of Plan Allowances
Note on extra wordpress installs
extra installs not available outside plan allowances

Monthly Pricing Based on Disk Space

This is pricing per gigabyte of disk space for both Kinsta and Bigscoots. As previously mentioned, if it works out as more affordable to use a cheaper plan and pay overages then we'll list that below in brackets.

Keep in mind that if you have a large amount of disk space usage for your site then you could alternatively host these externally using another service

Cost for 10GB Disk Space
Cost for 20GB Disk Space
($35 + 10GBs at $2/GB)
($34.95 + 10GBs at $1/GB)
Cost for 40GB Disk Space
($35 + 30GBs at $2/GB)
($34.95 + 30GBs at $1/GB)
Cost for 100GB Disk Space
($35 + 90GBs at $2/GB)
($34.95 + 90GBs at $1/GB)
Cost for 200GB Disk Space
($35 + 190GBs at $2/GB)
($34.95 + 190GBs at $1/GB)
Overage Fees for extra disk space PER GB (extra fees beyond your current plan)
$ 2
$ 1
Overages explained (for disk space)
or $20 per month for an extra 20GBs per month when purchased as an add-on

Comparison Between Main Features

Hosting Type
Managed Wordpress Hosting
Managed WordPress Hosting
Host Image
Price starting from ($)
$ 35
$ 34.95
Moneyback Guarantee (Days)
Free SSL Certificate
Website Migration Available
Support Via
Live ChatEmail/Support Ticketing
PhoneLive ChatEmail/Support Ticketing
Support hours
Free Domain Registration Included
Note on pricing
Kinsta plan pricing is easy to follow and renews at the same rate.
Bigscoots plan pricing renews at the same rate.

Other Features Compared

Wordpress Multisite Supported
Minimum Price Plan for Multisite (If Supported)
$ 70
$ 98.95
Hosted On
Google Cloud Platform
Bigscoots Servers
Wordpress One-Click Install
Wordpress Staging Available
E-Mail Hosting Available

Hosting Speed

Some managed wordpress hosting companies have an SLA (service level agreement) where they commit to a certain percentage of uptime on a monthly basis. The uptime listed below is a general figure for Kinsta and Bigscoots. but it's not necessarily an SLA, see the host's T&Cs for more info. SLAs often include conditions where you get a refund of a portion of monthly fees if the service drops below a certain amount of uptime for that month

Content Delivery Networks are widely distributed networks of servers that can serve your visitors important files such as images and CSS files from a server close to their location, which can significantly increase your site speed.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)


Website security is extremely important and all websites should be considered to be at risk. It's important to pick a host that takes security seriously. Below are some of the key security features that are offered by Kinsta and Bigscoots.

Backups (on host servers)
Anti-malware Features
DDOS Protection



To find out more about the specs, pricing, and service limitations each of these hosts, then you can use the following links to check out Kinsta and Bigscoots.

That's our head to head comparison between Kinsta and Bigscoots Thank you for reading, we hope this will help you to choose between them!