What Does ErP Ready Mean in BIOS?

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You have bought a new computer and found something saying “ErP Ready” in the bios. What does that mean, and should you care?

ErP stands for energy-using Product. The European Union regulates it to ensure all systems sold within their borders meet specific power consumption standards.

What’s the impact on an average consumer?

ErP Ready is a BIOS power management feature that lets your computer enter a low-power state when idle, saving energy and money. With ErP mode on, your computer automatically powers down unused devices like USB ports and optical drives.

So, Should You Care about ErP Ready?

If you use your computer at home for basic tasks like browsing, email, and social media, power consumption might not be a big concern. But if you’re buying a new computer for work and want to save energy, make sure it’s ERP Ready certified.

This method saves money on your energy bill and helps the environment. It keeps your computer cooler, reducing wear and tear on internal parts, which may help it last longer.

How to Enable ErP Mode?

To enable ErP mode in BIOS, find an option titled “ErP Ready Mode” or “EuP Mode.” Enable it and save your changes. It’s that simple!

Computers marked as ERP Ready often display an ErP logo on the case or device. But, even without this label, most modern computers still meet the ErP standard.

Some computers have ErP, which may not be listed in the BIOS. However, it’s active during sleep, hibernate, or shutdown modes.

Advantages of ErP Ready

Benefits of using an ErP Ready computer include:

  • Saves energy and reduces your electricity bill a bit.
  • Reduces environmental impact by using less energy.
  • Keeps your computer running cooler.
  • May extend the lifespan of your computer.

Disadvantages of ErP Ready

Disadvantages of using an ErP Ready computer include:

  • May not save you as much money on your energy bill as you thought
  • Can be more costly than computers without the feature
  • Some devices may not work when the ErP mode is enabled.
  • You cannot use any USB device when the ErP mode is on.
  • LAN signal will be unavailable when the ErP mode is on.