How To Justify Text In WordPress

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Text justification is a critical aspect of formatting that helps make your content look polished and professional. This article will explore two methods for achieving perfect text justification: quick and easy keyboard shortcuts and advanced plugins.

We’ll shed light on how to quickly justify text, as well as discover plugins that offer additional features to enhance our text formatting game quickly. So, if you’re a WordPress user looking to elevate your content presentation, read on for valuable tips and techniques that will make text justification a breeze!

Easy Keyboard Shortcut To Justify Text In WordPress

Efficiently adjust the text alignment in your WordPress editor using a quick and straightforward keyboard shortcut. Applying the Alt+Shift+J combination will allow you to justify your content by equally aligning your text to both the left and right margins. To utilize this shortcut for text justification, follow these simple steps:

1. Navigate to your WordPress editor: Open the post or page containing the text you wish to justify within the WordPress editor.

2. Select your text: Click and highlight the desired text that you want to justify. Don’t worry if you need to justify multiple non-consecutive sections of text; you can apply this shortcut as many times as needed.

3. Apply the keyboard shortcut: Once you have highlighted the text, press Alt + Shift + J (Windows) or Ctrl + Option + J (Mac) simultaneously on your keyboard. Your selected text will now be justified within the WordPress editor.

Plugins for WordPress Text Justification

There are a few WordPress plugin that enables you to justify the text easily. These include:

  • Re-add text underline and justify: The Re-add text underline and justify plugin is a popular WordPress plugin that restores the text underline and justify buttons in the WordPress editor. These buttons were removed in the Gutenberg editor, causing inconvenience for users who were used to using them in previous versions of WordPress.
  • Re-add text justify button: With the text justify button, users can easily transform their text from ragged or uneven alignment to a sleek, polished look.


Mastering text justification in WordPress has never been easier – whether you’re a fan of keyboard shortcuts or prefer fine-tuned control through plugins, your content will shine, leaving a lasting impression on your readers. So go forth, align your text, and conquer the world of perfectly justified paragraphs!

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