What Is Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime? Do You Need It?

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Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime is a component of the Microsoft Edge browser. It’s designed to improve web compatibility and better integrate the Microsoft 365 apps on your PC. The program can offer a comparable experience, whether you use the office programs on the web or software.

While checking the apps list or the task manager on your Windows 10, you may find a program called “Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime.” You may wonder what this app is and whether you need to install it.

Here’s what you need to know about Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime and whether or not you should install it.

More Details About Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime

Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime use the Microsoft Edge browser as a rendering engine for web apps. Equipped with web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the feature enables you to enjoy web content in the native applications smoothly.

Microsoft started installing this program automatically in some versions of the Windows 10 PC to deliver web-based functionalities for the Office 365 apps. In Windows 11, it comes as a default application.

One of the interesting facts about WebView2 runtime is you don’t require Microsoft Edge browser for its operation. That means if you have uninstalled Microsoft Edge from your system, you can still use this program.

Do You Need Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime?

The short answer is no.

If you are not using any web-based app from Microsoft, then there is no need to install this program on your system. However, even if you have it installed, there is no harm in removing it as the company has designed it as an optional application.

To sum up, Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime is a safe and lightweight program that comes with several benefits. If you are using Microsoft 365 apps or other web-based apps, you can keep it on your system.

You can also free up some space on your system by uninstalling it, as Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime takes around 552 MB of storage.


In the above, we have discussed everything about Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime. We have also explained whether you need it or not.

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