Why Does Google Keep Signing Me Out? (6 Fixes)

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One of the conveniences of modern devices is they can save your login credentials for different sites. That means you don’t have to enter your username and password whenever you want to access a site. But what happens when one of those saved passwords stops working?

It can be frustrating if you constantly have to log back into your Google account. However, you should be able to solve this issue easily. Keep reading for our top tips on why Google keeps signing you out and how to solve them.

Turn Cookies On

If you’ve turned cookies off in your browser, that could be why you constantly have to log back into your Google account. Basically, cookies are small text sent by a website when you visit it in your browser. By doing so, the website can remember your visit. To fix this, you’ll need to enable cookies.

Here’s how to do that in Chrome:

  • Go to the Chrome menu > Settings > Privacy and security.
  • Find and open “Site Settings” and scroll down and click on “Cookies and other site data”.
  • Unmark the box for “Block all cookies” if it is enabled.
  • Also, disable “Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows” if enabled.

Restart your browser after making these changes.

Change Your Password Settings

Sometimes, the reason you can’t stay logged into your Google account might be because of the password settings of your browser. If you are using Chrome, here is how to update the settings to store the password:

  1. Tap on the Menu of Chrome and go to Settings > Autofill > Passwords.
  1. Make sure the toggle bar beside “Offer to save passwords” and “Auto Sign-in” is turned on.

After doing so, try logging in to your Google account and see if the issue has been fixed.

Turn on Sync

When you turn on sync, your bookmarks, passwords, browsing history, and other settings will be saved and available on all your devices. This can help you stay logged into your Google account across different devices.

1. Here’s how to enable sync in Chrome:

2. Go to the Chrome menu > Settings.

3. Under “You and Google”, tap on “Turn on sync..” (the option will be available if it is turned off).

4. Enter your Google account credentials to sign in.

5. After signing in, you will see a prompt asking you to turn on sync. Press “Yes, I’m in” on it.

Keep in mind that if you’re signed into Chrome with a work or school account, you might not be able to turn on sync.

Disable Extensions

Sometimes, the extensions you’ve installed on your browser can interfere with your Google account and cause you to sign out. Try disabling your extensions one by one to see if that fixes the issue. Here’s how to do that in Chrome:

1. Go to the Chrome menu > More Tools > Extensions.

2. For each extension, turn off the toggle switch.

3. Close and restart your browser after doing this.

Clear Browsing Data

If you’ve been experiencing issues with logging into your Google account, it might be because of corrupted data stored in your browser. In this case, you can try clearing your browsing data. This will delete your cookies, other site data, and browsing history.

Here’s how to do that in Chrome:

1. Go to the Chrome menu > More Tools > Clear Browsing Data.

2. A new window will pop up. Select the time range for which you want to clear your data.

3. Make sure the boxes next to “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” are checked.

4. Press “Clear data”.

Update Your Browser

If you’re using an outdated browser, that could be why you’re having trouble logging into your Google account. Try updating your browser to the latest version and see if that fixes the issue. Here’s how to do that in Chrome:

1. Go to the Chrome menu > Settings.

2. Under “About Chrome”, you will see which version of the browser you are using.

3. If an update is available, it will be listed there. Tap on “Update Google Chrome” and follow the instructions.

4. After updating, restart your browser.


As you see, there are a number of reasons why you might be constantly getting signed out of your Google account. By following the troubleshooting steps listed above, you should be able to fix the issue and stay logged in. We hope this article was helpful. Thanks for reading!

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