How To Open And Launch Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions are a great way to customize your web browsing experience. You can add new features to Chrome or change how existing features work with extensions. You might find the process of opening and launching Chrome extensions a bit confusing if you have no prior experience with them. This guide will help you understand … Read more

How to Share Audio on Discord Screen Share

Discord won’t share the audio when you try to share the entire screen. Instead of sharing the entire screen, you can try sharing the “Applications” screen to solve the issue. Discord is a popular online chat and voice program that many gamers use to communicate with each other. However, one issue some users have been … Read more

How To Add Shortcut To Google Chrome Homepage

We all have some favorite websites which we tend to visit frequently. Wouldn’t it be nice if those websites were just a click away? Well, if you use Google Chrome as your primary browser, then you’re in luck. You can easily add shortcuts to your favorite websites to the homepage of Chrome. So, whenever you … Read more

How To Activate Full-Screen Mode In Google Chrome

The easiest way to activate full-screen mode in Chrome is by pressing the keyboard key “F11”. Whenever you press the button, the browser will automatically adjust to fit the entire screen. If you’re using a Mac, you can also hold down the “Control,” “Command,” and “F” keys to achieve the same effect. Using Google Chrome … Read more