What Animation Software Does Disney Use?

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Disney is well known for creating stellar animated movies, and this shows the level of expertise and dedication of their animators. Their projects feature characters and scenes that look realistic, which may make you wonder about the technology used in their movies. This article will look at the software Disney uses to create animated films.

What software does Disney use for animations?

Disney uses different sophisticated software to develop characters, scenes, and effects that look realistic. They use Autodesk Maya to create models, Houdini for effects, and Zbrush for sculpting characters. Disney also uses Presto for many of its animations, and Hyperion is used for rendering. 

The best software for animation?

These are the best software used by Disney for creating characters and scenes in their movies. They include:

Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya is one of the software that Disney uses for animation. In addition, it is used by animators and visual effects artists to create 3D animations, models, and images. The software was initially developed as an in-house application at Alias Systems Corporation (formerly known as “Wavefront Technologies”), which were later commercialized as Maya software upon Autodesk software acquiring the company in 2005.

However, Disney has now shifted to using software created by Pixar software, called Renderman. Autodesk software has been used in movies like The Incredibles and Cars. Autodesk software Maya is a three-dimensional graphics and animation software (modeling and rendering) and was one of the best animation software till Disney Disney software uses software like Renderman software for rendering 3D images, along with software like Adobe software used for post-production.


Disney also uses Presto, a powerful animation software developed by Pixar for their films. It is not commercially available and only used internally by Pixar. Presto is excellent for animation, rig control, scene creation, and many other functions. 

Renderman software

Screenshot of renderman.pixar.com

Renderman software is known to be one of the best software used to create animated movies due to its ability to create realistic hair effects. One example is The Beast in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, which viewers well-received due to its realistic appearance. Disney software now uses Renderman to create animated movies because it makes the software rendering much easier to accomplish.

Houdini software

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Disney uses Houdini software for creating effects. It aids in creating scenes that appear much more realistic than would be possible otherwise. Houdini ensures flexibility for artists with its node-based, and enable easy collaboration. It allows multiple iterations which makes it easy to implement changes when developing visual effects. 

ZBrush Software

Screenshot of pixologic.com

Disney uses Zbrush to sculpt and create software models. Disney software artists use this software to create software characters that appear more realistic and animate them with a software interface used for posing or manipulating the software model. They have been used for creating 3D models of Disney characters before being rigged and animated in software like Autodesk Maya software.

Disney Hyperion

Disney Hyperion software is also used extensively to create software animated movies. Disney Hyperion software has an advanced version of ray tracing, which uses software algorithms to model lighting effects over software objects.

Is software animation taking over the job of traditional animators?

Disney has shifted from 2D to software animation, but software animation is not replacing traditional hand-drawn animated movies. Disney always seeks animators who have experience in this field, which means there will still be a demand for animators in the future.


Animation software has come a long way in the past few years. It is now possible to create stunning 3D animations and images with software readily available to the public. Disney has used this technology to make some of its most popular animated movies.

While Disney has shifted from using traditional hand-drawn animation techniques, they are still heavily reliant on software for creating their animated scenes. The software mentioned in this article are some of the best that Disney uses for animation. They have been used to create movies like Toy Story 2, Cars, and Brave.

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