Why Won’t Microsoft Edge Open? (Fixes)

Microsoft Edge might not open due to various reasons, like corrupted files, outdated software, or system issues. To fix these issues, you should troubleshoot common problems, repair the browser, check for updates, and perform system maintenance. By doing these steps, you’ll save yourself from crashes, freezes, and annoying error messages, ensuring that Microsoft Edge functions reliably and … Read more

How To Stop Microsoft Edge From Running In The Background (Easy Guide)

To stop Microsoft Edge from running in the background, you can disable background apps and startup boost inside Microsoft Edge’s settings or tweak your Windows settings. Both methods effectively prevent the browser from using resources in the background when not in use. If you find that Microsoft Edge running in the background is causing issues, … Read more

How to Translate In Microsoft Edge (Quick Guide)

Translating webpages in Microsoft Edge is simple: locate the translator icon in the address bar, choose your desired language from the dropdown list in the banner, and click “Translate.” Microsoft Edge will then translate the webpage content into your selected language. Whether you’re browsing the web, reading articles, or interacting with people from different countries, … Read more

Why Does Microsoft Edge Keep Freezing? (4 Fixes)

Microsoft Edge may freeze due to factors such as excessive browser extensions, outdated software, or insufficient RAM. To fix this issue, users can try solutions like updating the software, removing or disabling unnecessary extensions, and increasing the system’s memory. If you’ve ever experienced a freezing browser, you know how disruptive it can be to your … Read more

How To View My Saved Passwords Microsoft Edge (Easy Guide)

Easily view your saved passwords in Microsoft Edge by accessing Settings > Profile > Passwords. Microsoft Edge provides the functionality to view, edit, and manage your saved passwords for a seamless browsing experience. In our digital age, managing numerous online accounts with unique usernames and passwords has become a common part of our lives. Remembering … Read more

How To Block Websites On Microsoft Edge (Easy Guide)

Blocking websites on Microsoft Edge is simple and can be done using Edge Extensions. Simply download an addon like Block Site or StayFocusd and follow the respective instructions. In today’s digital age, with the vast array of online content available at our fingertips, it’s important to have control over our browsing experience. Whether you want to enhance … Read more

How To Enable Javascript On Microsoft Edge (Easy Guide)

Enabling JavaScript on Microsoft Edge is a simple process that helps you access web content more smoothly. Simply open Settings > Cookies and site permissions and then Enable JavaScript by turning on the toggle. JavaScript is an essential programming language that enables dynamic and interactive elements on websites. If you’re using Microsoft Edge as your … Read more

How To Screenshot On Microsoft Edge (Easy Guide)

Taking screenshots on Microsoft Edge is simple with the Web Capture tool. It allows users to capture important information, easy sharing and collaboration, documentation and note-taking, visual inspiration and design reference, as well as troubleshooting and technical support. Follow this easy guide to capture, customize and annotate images from any website. Taking Screenshots Using Microsoft Edge’s … Read more

Microsoft Edge Won’t Connect To The Internet (Fixes)

Experiencing Microsoft Edge refusing to connect to the internet can be frustrating, but there are easy troubleshooting steps and practical solutions to resolve this issue. By identifying and addressing connectivity problems, you can get your browser up and running in no time. Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues in Microsoft Edge When it comes to troubleshooting connectivity issues … Read more