Kinsta Announces Price Increases from June 14, 2022

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Kinsta, the popular managed WordPress hosting provider has announced price increases that will go into effect from June 14th 2022.

Kinsta has announced that they have been adding some significant new features to the platform over the last few years and the need to increase prices in order to maintain the standard of their service, as well as to give them the resources to enhance it further. They certainly have added a lot to their service over the past 5 years, though unfortunately, one month’s notice is a pretty small time horizon for this price increase.

Kinsta ranks quite strongly in our detailed, data-backed comparisons, such as our articles on Kinsta vs Rocket.Net, Kinsta vs Bigscoots, Kinsta vs Namecheap, and Kinsta vs Siteground. Though generally, the main disadvantage Kinsta has against those hosts is based on price, this might tip people to opt for alternative hosts. That said, Kinsta still offers a really great service (along with very good features such as easy to use server-side GEO IP), and when it comes to higher traffic sites, they are still way cheaper than the likes of Pantheon (see our comparison of Kinsta vs Pantheon)

The price increases are not that major when it comes to lower price points. For example, the older starter plan was $30 a month now that’s it $35 a month, whereas the Business 4 plan was originally $400 per month and it is now $450 a month. Therefore as you get to higher plans, the increase can become pretty significant.

Please bear with us as we update our Kinsta pricing on the comparison pages of our website.

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